Ripslinger's Rescue is a Dinesy Planes movie.


Dusty and Ripslinger's FriendshipEdit

Dusty Crophopper, world champion air racer, has sucessfully made friends with Ripslinger who tried to abliterate him during the Wings Around The Globe rally. But deep down inside, he turned out to be kind. Ripslinger apologizes for what he did to Dusty and Dusty says it's okay but what they don't know is that Ned and Zed, Ripslinger's twin sidekicks, are watching them and they come with a plan to get rid of Dusty. Later on, Dusty and Ripslinger visit Dusty's old friends, The Mountain Rescue Team and they spend the rest of the afternoon talking to Blade Ranger, leader of the team. When they have finished talking, Dusty and Ripslinger turn to leave when the alarm goes off, calling Blade Ranger to help rescue a railway owner from a burning building on the Island of Sodor. Blade Ranger sets off on his daring rescue mission and makes it to the burning building and makes to get inside but a fireball hits him in the rotor and he crashlands in the middle of the building causing a steel bar to fall on his wheel so he can't move.

Ripslinger Saves The Day!Edit

Back at The Mountain Rescue Centre, Dusty, Ripslinger and their friends are worried about Blade Ranger. They hear the alarm go off and Belle, one Sodor's fire engines, calls upon Ripslinger to rescue Blade Ranger and the railway owner as they are both now trapped in the building. Ripslinger sets off and makes it inside and makes it out just in time with Blade Ranger on his back and the railway owner onboard him. The planes at the Mountain Rescue Centre celebrate Ripslinger's bravery by letting him visit more often.

Ripslinger's In TroubleEdit

The next morning, Ripslinger is practicing for the next Wings Around The Globe rally when his engine goes haywire and he goes out of control. Meanwhile at Propwash Junction, Dusty is worried about Ripslinger. Skipper arrives and tells Dusty that he just recieved a mayday call from Ripslinger and that he (Dusty) must go and help him.

Dusty and Friends To The Rescue!Edit

Dusty sets off to rescue Ripslinger but he runs into Ned and Zed who are trying to rescue Ripslinger first. Dusty is determind to beat them and he visits some of his friends from the different countries. Together, they beat Ned and Zed and rescue Ripslinger and they celebrate by starting their own rescue Team Skylanders.


For more quotes, visit the movie's transcript.

Blade Ranger (Over Radio): Mayday! Mayday! Emergency! Emergency!

Belle: Ripslinger, we need your help.

Ripslinger: Ripslinger to the rescue!

Dusty Crophopper: Any sign of Ripslinger?